NTS mcqs for Wapda Jobs 2018

NTS mcqs for Wapda Jobs 2018

NTS mcqs for Wapda Jobs 2018

Wapda NTS Test Past Papers

1—Who wrote Pathway to pakistan ———————Ch khalique zaman

2—When Fatima Jinnah Joined AIML—————1939

3—Who prepared Pirpur report ———————Raja Syed Mehdi

4—When Qaid e Azam Met M.K Gandhi 1st time—————-1916 Lucknow(CHK)

5—When Non party elections held————————————1985

6—When National Anthem Approved in————————–August 1954

7—Who is seceratry of state for india in cabinet mission————————–lord pathetic lawerance

8—When water accord between provinces———————-1991

9—Where Rawal dam constructed on river——————-kurrang

10—Where is Green peace head quarter——————–amsterdam

11–Doab between river ravi and Chenab called ———————-rachna

12–Bala hisar fort built by————————–babar

13–who adminsitrated th oath of prime minister to liaqat ali khan————————–Muhamad ali jinnah

14—Where copper deposits in————————chagi

15—Who supported pakistan resolution from sindh province by———————-abdullah haroon

16—Where is banbhore site——————-thatta

17—Where is chandka medical college———————-larkana

18—Where are artificial forest are bieng maintained in————————–changa manga,

19—Which is pakistan’s 2nd largest foreign exchange earner crop———————rice

20—When ch rehmat ali coined word pakistan in NOW OR NEVER pamphlet in————————1933

21–C R formula prepared by————————–Rajagopalachari

22–malaria parasite —————–ronald ross

23–longest(largest) organ————–liver

24–kidney disease due to overdose of——————-vitamin c

25–largest muslim country in Africa by population is——————-Nigeria

26–noble peace prize decided by—————-oslo

27–highest literacy rate among SAARC——————srilanka

28–highest per capita income among SAARC——————

29–largest producer of oil in OPEC countries—————–saudi arabia

30–bakhtar news agency of ———————afghanistan

31–Ariana is Airline of—————Afghanistan

32–cathy pacific is airline of

Hong Kong

33–ITAR-TASS news agency of—————russia

34–PPI————–pakistan press international

35–share of punjab in pakistan—————25.8%

36–Head Quarter of asian development bank is in—————manila

37–security council members are——————–15

38– ibne batuta came in india from——————-morroco

39–SCOUT established by —————–Robert Powall

40–who presided wavell plan——————–lord wavell

41–ch rehmat ali coin word pakistan in———————-1933

42–8 april 1950——————–liaqar-nehru pact


44–fasting became farz ——————-2 hijri

45–gazwa tabook———————9 hijri

46–who wrote hudaibiya—————–Hazart Ali (R.A)

47–Khufiya Tableeg—————–3 yrs

48–hijri calender kis khalifa ne start kiya————————Hazrat Umar e farooq (R.A)

49–allah tala ne sab se ziada apni naimato (blessings) ka izhar kis surah me farmaya hai——————–surah rehman

50–Allah Tala ke sab se ziada ehkamaat kis surah me farmaya——————


NTS mcqs for Wapda Jobs

NTS Wapda Test 2018

51–nawab aye humare bhaag aye ka kiya matlab hai——————————-khush kismati

51–zulfien bikhraye jo woh but (idol) sar e bazar chala shor utha maar chala mauz chala what is mauz i dont know but option

were i marna ii saanp (snake) iii bhihoo iv zado kob mene zado kob lihka hai.

52–israr e khudi ka english translation kis ne kiya—————prof Nicholson

53–phoot laina ka kiya matlab hai————–

54–monh rakhna ka kiya matlab hai——————-lahhaz rakhna

55–utha kar phaink do gali mein nai tehzeeb ke yeh andy hai gandy———————i wrote magrabi tehzeeb

56–greeb ki bhi hoti hai ajab subha o shaam mein greeb se kiya murad hai——————i wrote musafir

57–the train went tunnel—

58–she jumped the bus

59–write the meaning of strenous———————strong

60–write the meaning of zest—————–

61– collision—————

62– accumulate————–collect

63– Detrimental—————harmful

64– rancour——————–enmity

65–sab se ziada ahadees kis sahabi se marvi hain—————hazrat abu huraira

66–sabse pelay konsi surah ki ayaat nazil huen———————alaq 5 ayaat

67–pehla gazwa konsa tha—————————–abwa

68–largest island————————–greenland

69–largest peninsula———————arabia

70–ibne insha ki wajah e shahorat——————mazha nagari

71–mast tawakli was poet of———————balochi

72–After USA arms exporter——————-Russia

73–Oldest Anthem—————Japan

74–Kahuta Labortries————1976

75–Arbitrator In Indus basin treaty——–world bank

76–pakistan joined ILO————1949

77–Rapid means————quick

78–pinpoint 1st democracy———–britain

79–thomas cup—————–badminton

80–nuclear power plant in pakistan with help of —————–canada

81–capital of somalia————mogadishu

82–1st punjabi poet————–baba farid

83–legnth of great wall of china—————-2400km

84–Durand line damacrated in —————–1893

85–oldest monarchy———————-japan

86–first missile——————-hatf

87– Ringitt is the currency of ——Malaysia

88–Digital computer invented by————–John atanasoff

89–decimal system introduced in pakistan on 1st january———————-1961

90–mat karo ghor o fikr zara dekho……….allama iqbal ka yeh shair konsi si kitab se hai

91–separate eletorate 1st time

demanded by—————sir sayyed ahmad khan

92–largest natural gas producer muslim country———————-iran

93–Google is a ———- search engine

94.When Pakistan become member of CENTO?


95.What is a pentagon?Defence head office of USA

  1. meaning of “Rapid”?


97.”celebrity” mean?

famous man.

98.Pour the tea … cup?


99.”shesheh (mirror) may utarana ” means?

Garweeda bna lena

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