General knowledge questions, answers different tests of NTS

General knowledge questions, answers different tests of NTS

Q.1 The oldest written language is

Ans: Chinese

Q.2 Ocean which has the biggest commercial activity in world is

Ans: Atlantic Ocean

Q.3 Which is the most recent state to join the USA

Ans: Hawai

Q.4 Country with largest natural gas reserves

Ans: Russia

Q.5 Which province of Afghanistan is the highest opium producer

Ans: Helmand

Q.6 In which city biggest square Tiananmen is situated

Ans: Beijing – China

Q.7 Highest town Wenchuan is situated at the altitude of 5100 mtr

Ans: China

Q.8 MGM Grand hotel is largest hotel with 5005 rooms is in

Ans: State of Nevada USA

Q.9 Name the country with busiest airlines system

Ans: USA

Q.10 Which is the Biggest library in the world

Ans: Library of Congress

Q.11 Which is the lowest town

Ans: The Israeli settlement of Ein Bokek

Q.12 Most immigration country is

Ans: USA

Q.13 Which country has most telephone subscribers

Ans: USA

Q.14 Which is the rainiest spot in the world

Ans: Cherrapunji (India)


Q.15 Most spoken language in the world is

Ans: Chinese

Q.16 Country with largest foreign exchange reserves

Ans: japan

Q.17 Largest automobile manufacturing center in the world is in

Ans: Detroit

Q.18 Largest postal network in the world is in

Ans: India

Q.19 The first railway line was laid in

Ans: England

Q.20 Largest artificial lake of world is in Arizona, USA

Ans: Lake Mead

Q.21 Longest optical fiber cable of the world is landed between

Ans: London and new York

Q.22 Who produced the first automobile

Ans: Henry Furd

Q.23 World’s freest economy with lowest taxes

Ans: Hong kong

Q.24 World’s largest nuclear power station is situated in

Ans: Canada

Q.25 World’s largest uranium producer is

Ans: Canada

Q.26 World’s largest paper producer is

Ans: USA


Q.27 Lowest per capita income in South Asia is of

Ans: Nepal

Q.28 First country to impose ban on sale of all forms of tobacco

Ans: Singapore

Q.29 Largest man made canal in the world is

Ans: Panama canal


Q.30 First Muslim Woman Judge in America

Ans: Charlene Mekled

Q.31 World’s first stock exchange market is

Ans: Hamburg

Q.32 World’s largest under sea railway tunnel is between

Ans: France and England

Q.33 Which country first gave women a right to vote in 1893

Ans: Newzealand

Q.34 Highest wicket taker in the Test cricket and ODI

Ans: Murali Dharan – Sri Lanka

Q.35 Largest animal in the world is

Ans: Blue whale

Q.36 Which country leads in the production of Zinc

Ans: Canada

Q.37 World’s largest producer of wool

Ans: Australia

Q.38 World’s largest irrigation canal is

Ans: Indira Gandhi Canal

Q.39 Largest producer of diamond in world is

Ans: Bostwana

Q.40 Largest railway station of the world is

Ans: Grand Central Terminal, New York

Q.41 Gibralter is known as

Ans: Smallest colony

Q.42 Which country has oldest anthem of world

Ans: Japan

Q.43 Which is the largest of animals

Ans: Blue whale

Q.44 Highest score made by Sri Lanka in one day cricket is

Ans: 443 runs

Q.45 First Muslim woman who went to space by Russian Aircraft

Ans: Anousheh Ansari – 18th September 2006

Q.46 Country with the largest area in world

Ans: Russia

Q.47 Which river in the world carries maximum volume of water

Ans: Amazon

Q.48 Longest canal in the world is

Ans: Beloye More Baltic

Q.49 Which is the smallest country in the world

Ans: Vatican city

Q.50 Largest penininsula of the world is

Ans: Arabian peninsula 32,37,500 sq km

Q.51 Largest producer of silk is

Ans: Japan

Q.52 Largest oil refinery is located at

Ans: Abadan- Iran

Q.53 Angel Falls the world’s highest water fall is in

Ans: Venezuela

Q.54 Deepest lake in the world is

Ans: Lake Baikal- Russia (Siberia)

Q.55 Area with the least sunshine is

Ans: South pole

Q.56 Area of Asian continent is

Ans: 4,38,20,000 sq km

Q.57 Which is the deepest sea in the world

Ans: Caribbean

Q.58 Largest lake of the world is

Ans: Caspian sea

Q.59 Which is the world’s largest mountain range

Ans: Himalayas

Q.60 River Nile falls in which sea

Ans: Baltic Sea

Q.61 Which is the most populous city in the world

Ans: Shanghai

Q.62 Which is the most densely populated city of the world

Ans: Manila

Q.63 Which is the least populous city of the world

Ans: Vatican

Q.64 Smallest republic is Nauru and its population is

Ans: 10,000 persons (area 2129 hectares)

Q.65 Largest concrete dam of world is in USA its name is

Ans: Grand Coulee Dam

Q.66 Rohunsky Dam is the highest dam in the world located in

Ans: Tajikistan

Q.67 World’s oldest parliament is of

Ans: Iceland

Q.68 Largest airport of the world is

Ans: King Abdul Aziz International Airport

Q.69 Which is world’s busiest airport

Ans: Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Q.70 Airport located at the highest altitude is

Ans: Lhasa Airport 4363 meter height

Q.71 Which is the largest railway station in world

Ans: Grand Central Terminal – New York

Q.72 World’s highest railway station is

Ans: Condor Station Bolivia

Q.73 Which is the university with largest building in world

Ans: University of Riyadh

Q.74 The longest canal of the world is

Ans: Beloye More (in Baltic sea)

Q.75 Area wise the largest city of the world is

Ans: Kiruna – in Sweden – 8732 sq km

Q.76 Largest delta of the world is

Ans: Sundarbans

Q.77 Largest museum of the world is

Ans: British Museum

Q.78 Saltiest sea of the world is

Ans: Mediterranean sea

Q.79 Coldest place of the world is

Ans: Vostok – Antarctica

Q.80 Driest place of the world is

Ans: Death Valley (California)

Q.81 Smallest part of the matter discovered by scientists

Ans: Quark

Q.82 Longest platform of the world is

Ans: The Loop USA

Q.83 Longest rail tunnel of the world is

Ans: Saikan – Japan

Q.84 Longest road tunnel of the world is

Ans: St Gohtard(Sweden)

Q.85 Country with the oldest underground railway system is

Ans: England

Q.86 Fastest animal of the world is

Ans: Cheetah

Q.87 Animal which has longest life span

Ans: Tortoise

Q.88 Two rivers form the largest delta of world are

Ans: Ganges-Barhamputra

Q.89 Shortest river of the world is

Ans: Reo (Montana) 98 km

Q.90 Height of K-2 is

Ans: 8611 meters

Q.91 Asia covers land area of world is

Ans: 29.5%

Q.92 Which is the fastest bird

Ans: Indian Swift- speed 200 km

Q.93 Which metal has the highest electrical conductivity

Ans: Tungsten

Q.94 Lowest populous Muslim country is

Ans: Maldives (area wise also)

Q.95 Largest Muslim country area wise

Ans: Kazakhstan

Q.96 Largest Muslim country population wise

Ans: Indonesia

Q.97 Muslim country with highest per capita income

Ans: Kuwait

Q.98 What is the meaning of  Pakistan

Ans:  Holy Land

Q.99 Who is the first Governor General of Pakistan

Ans:  Mohammed Ali Jinnah

Q.100 Which is the national flower of Pakistan

Ans: Jasmine

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