Daily Vocabulary Collection in 2018

Daily Vocabulary Collection in 2018

Daily Vocabulary Collection

Daily words to boost your vocabulary.

  1. Notwithstanding : In spite of this.
  2. Tourist Influx: Large numbers of tourists.
  3. Yacht: A small boat used at resorts.
  4. Obese: Very fat
  5. Objectionable: Arousing distaste or opposition; unpleasant or offensive.
  6. Thereabouts: Near that place.
  7. Exceptional: Unusually good; outstanding.
  8. Perturbed: Anxious or unsettled; upset.
  9. Flunk: Fail to reach the required standard.
  10. Sleet: Rain mixed with snow or hail.
  11. Simmer Down: To become calm and quiet after period of anger or excitement.
  12. August: Dignified, respectable.
  13. Endurance: Tolerance.
  14. Mollify: To keep people calm down.
  15. Quench: Satisfy.
  16. Scatterbrain: Forgetful or reliable person.
  17. Chronic: Lasting a long time.
  18. Lunatic: Crazy.
  19. Oblivious: Not paying attention.
  20. Blood Sport: Killing of animals.
  21. Ameliorate: To improve.
  22. Expostulate: Complain.
  23. Surmise: To estimate of guess.
  24. Exhort: Attract.
  25. Lurk: To wait secretly that is for lover etc..
  26. Ogle: To stare i.e looking at girls.
  27. Grope: Search with hands i.e. when the some switch off bulb you find things by moving your hands.
  28. Obscure: Unclear.
  29. Creel: Basket for keeping fish.
  30. Tiller: Wooden stick used to drive boat.
  31. Rattled: Gabble or speak very fast and in hurry.
  32. Hush: Silence or make quiet.
  33. Puberty: Age of Maturity.
  34. Elopement: Run away with lover.
  35. Abeyance: Suspension.
  36. Chuckle: To laugh quietly.
  37. Wive: To marry or provide wife.
  38. Indigent: Poor person, city or country
  39. Truculent: Cruel or savage.
  40. Trench: To cut.
  41. Noxious: Harmful.
  42. Novelty: New and Fresh.
  43. Nomad: Homeless person.
  44. Sporadic: Irregular or random.
  45. Agitate: Disturb.
  46. Mitigate: Normal, Reducing the Intensity.
  47. Quiver: Shiver or Shake.
  48. De Jure: According to Law.
  49. Blazing: Extremely hot or full of emotions.
  50. Witty: Skillful or clever.
  51. Ravishing: Charming or fascinating.
  52. Skirmish: Short Argument.
  53. Taboo: Forbidden.
  54. Cosy: Comfortable.
  55. Puberty: Age of Maturity.
  56. Tryst: A secret meeting between the two lovers.
  57. Glib: Easy.
  58. Drowsy: Sleepy.
  59. Demsel: Unmarried girl.
  60. Mite: Small amount.
  61. Grumble: Complain.
  62. Stigma: Disgrace.

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