Chapter of Manifest Destiny

Chapter of Manifest Destiny

Chapter of Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny

It was an American belie in 19t century that they are destined to expand across the continent. Democratic republicans used this term in 1840 to justify the war with Mexico. Although the idea of American expansion was much older but John L. O‘Sullivian coined this term for the 1st time in July 1845 in a magazine article called ―Annexation.

This concept was opposed Whigs and came to an end I the mid of 19th century. The advocates of this idea believe the expansion is not only wise but also manifest and unrelenting.

Democrat’s v/s Republicans

A Democrat and a Republican differ in many ways, especially in their philosophy, ideas, worldview and politics. A Democrat is generally liberal whereas a Republican is conservative.


  1. Liberal
  2. Believe in Federal Government
  3. Government should look forward to the welfare of peoples
  4. Democrat stands for government supported programs
  5. Believe in Supremacy of federation
  6. Democrat stands more for community
  7. Considered to be Leftist


  1. Conservative
  2. No concept of Federation
  3. Equality among peoples
  4. Believe in capitalism and free market
  5. Republican stands for individual responsibility
  6. Considered to be Rightist

Capitalism vs. Communism


  1. Right of private property
  2. Public and private investors go hand in hand
  3. Freedom of choice
  4. Concept of upper, middle and lower classes
  5. Individual is responsible for his works


  1. No right of private property
  2. No freedom of choice
  3. Class less society
  4. Equal sharing of work, according to the benefits and ability


New World Order

The NWO puppeteers then provide the Solution by sending in UN ‘Peace Keepers’ (Bosnia) or a UN ‘Coalition Force’ (Gulf War) or NATO Bombers and then ground troops (Kosovo). Once installed, the ‘peace keepers’ never leave (Bosnia, Kosovo).  The idea is to have NWO controlled ground troops in all major countries or strategic areas where significant resistance to the New World Order takeover is likely to be encountered.

The United Nations, along with all the agencies working under the UN umbrella, such as the World Health Organization, are full time players in this scheme. Similarly, NATO is a military tool of the NWO.

Most of the major wars, political upheavals, and economic depression/recessions of the past 100 years carefully planned and instigated by the machinations of these elites. They include The Spanish-American War (1898), World War I and World War II; The Great Depression; the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917; the Rise of Nazi Germany; the Korean War; the Vietnam War; the 1989-91″fall” of Soviet Communism, the 1991 Gulf War;  and the recent War in Kosovo.


The essence of Pan Americanism is in the prefix “pan” which derives from a Greek word meaning all. Placed in front of Americanism, Pan implies a union of all the nations of the Americas. Or, taken down even further, it suggests a joining of all the peoples of these nations for a common goal, which is the pursuit of friendship and goodwill. Benito Juarez in Mexico and Abraham Lincoln in the United States were two of the leaders who typified the Pan American effort. Both were born poor, and both rose to the head of their individual nations. Both sought freedom and equality for all men.

In 1890, the role of Pan Americanism turned from using conflict to ensure freedom to seeking more peaceful means to achieve the same goal. The first Pan American Conference was held in Washington, DC that year. Its purpose was to preserve peace among the Americas. It devoted itself to promoting friendship and cooperative action in the Americas. In 1930, it succeeded in having April 14 named Pan American Day to celebrate this united effort throughout the Western Hemisphere.   The Pan American effort changed government as well. Friendship among American nations has been a cornerstone of every presidential policy since. Today there are 35 member nations in the OAS.

USA Nuclear Umbrella System

Nuclear umbrella refers to a guarantee by a nuclear weapons state to defend a non nuclear allied state. It is usually used for the security alliances of the United States with Japan, South Korea, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (much of Europe, Turkey, Canada), and Australia, originating with the Cold War with the Soviet Union. For some countries it was an alternative to acquiring nuclear weapons themselves; other alternatives include regional Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones.

In April 2008, Hillary Clinton made headlines by proposing extension of the US nuclear umbrella over Israel and other American allies in the Middle East. One article seems to consider Saudi Arabia to be already under the US nuclear umbrella and one book states that India was given protection under the US nuclear umbrella after the Sino-Indian War of 1962.

Treaty of Versailles

In 1919, Lloyd George of England, Orlando of Italy, Clemenceau of France and Woodrow Wilson from the US met to discuss how Germany was to be made to pay for the damage world war one had caused. Woodrow Wilson wanted a treaty based on his 14-point plan which he believed would bring peace to Europe. Germany was not happy with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. However, they had no choice but to sign the document.

The main terms of the Treaty of Versailles were: 

  1. War Guilt Clause – Germany should accept the blame for starting World War One
  2. Reparations – Germany had to pay £6,600 million for the damage caused by the war
  3. Disarmament – Germany was only allowed to have a small army and six naval ships. No tanks, no air force and no submarines were allowed.
  4. Territorial Clauses – Land was taken away from Germany and given to other countries.

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